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It is ok, it fleshlight reviews happens to the best of us. The vendor of this product uses this tag line, if you can last 10 minutes with the STU, you can last 20 minutes with your partner. After a few more trials, I decided I was going to do it right. That was until I noticed that you could send the package care of your post office. This will not just save your money on your fleshlight reviews purchase but will also get you best product at best price. Water, lube, and jizz escape Fleshlight reviews with equal ease, especially when you hump this thing as hard as I do ahem, ladies. I removed my penis, cleaned it off with a towel and got the little cum left with a piece of toilet paper I keep in my room for such occassions. It fits well, you can adjust the tightness, it is always at human body temperature, it is free and there is no need to hide it.

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